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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Greenspeed Anura Quad Velomobile

This is a velomobile intended for easy access and practical use in the cooler climate where I live. The Quest is a long range rocket ship whereas this machine is great for short runs to the supermarket or into the village for a coffee/errand etc. It's a 2013 Greenspeed Anura Quad which of course is a great bike just by itself. The high Anura seat position is a real joy and I recommend these machines for their ease of use. The velo has a light stainless frame and a simple corflute cover with a boot compartment.  The roof hinges at the back and lifts off if not required. The perspex windscreen keeps the cold weather off your face and makes for a comfortable ride. I am thinking of swapping out the front to a single wheel Anura trike set up. That way I can put a electric hub wheel on the front to really show how machines like this can become a car alternative on a smaller scale. I also wanted to promote the madness of fossil fuel mentality as you can see. Enjoy!


  1. Visions of trying to get up High Street come to mind. I come from Dunedin but moved to Japan a couple of years ago. Surfing around the internet regarding velomobiles I came to your blog via Wim Harwig. It's a small world!

  2. This is terrific! Did you make this? If so, you might consider doing it for other Anura owners. What an amazing idea!

  3. Hi there gse, A local guy welded up the frame off a design i came up with. Seems to me, any recumbent can be framed with narrow steel or stainless and faired with corflute (tidier than mine too). I have since returned the trike to a 3 wheel Anura and fitted a Smart Pie E motor front wheel 48 volt system. I believe full time head in potential is the future of velomobiles or in the rain, we have no advantage over a $20 bicycle. E motors are not expensive, yet they vastly change the practicality of a moderate performing velo. Thanks for your input, ride safe.